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The Walk, 2017

convex optical lens x2, concave optical lens x2, flat optical lens x1, motor 1.5rpm x2, motor 3rpm x2, motor 0.5rpm x 1, cast concrete, aluminium
120 x 14 x 14cm each

Individual titles

The situation had obliged her to travel, and she had gone away, (#1 Pt. 1)
Perhaps I would still have had time to convince her that I meant well with her, that her dear person was important to me, and that I had many beautiful reasons for wanting to make her happy, and thus myself happy also; (#1 Pt. 2)
but I had thought no more of it, and she went away. (#2 Pt. 1)
Why then the flowers? “Did I pick the flowers to lay them upon my sorrow?” I asked myself, and the flowers fell out of my hand. (#2 Pt. 2)
I had risen up, to go home; for it was late now, and everything was dark. (#3)